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Peck Deck (plate-loading)

-for correct and smooth flyes for

    the chest workout

-arm pads and hand grip for easy

    and comfortable use

-adjustable seat for all-user

Ab Crunch Machine (plate-loading)

-new leverage abdominal machine

-feel the full range-of-motion

-weight resistance for a progressive workout

            weight plates not included

            weight plates not included

Pro Leg Press

-for the hip, thighs and buttocks

-friction free, smooth polyurethane 

    rollers slide in a safety channel

-adjustable back and head support 

    for power positioning

-different start and stop position

Hack Squat

-develop and strengthen the legs

-shoulder pads and comfort

-tough and heavy-duty smooth action

-non-skid platform

Standing Calf


-toe raise for leg and calf

    exercises in standing position

-adjustable shoulder fork

Smith Machine

-freeweight training with greater

    control and safety of a machine

-linear full-bearing for a smooth glide

-21 lock-out points for versatility

Squat Rack II

-5 position solid bar pegs

-adjustable spotter bar catch for
    squats and bench presses

Power Rack w/ Lat Pulldown 
    or Power Rack Solo

-close height adjustments

-safety stops, bar catch, chinning bar

    power exercises

-pulldown attachment model with low 
    row pulley
-lat pulldown: plate-loading or selectorized

            weight plates not included

Leg Curl/

Leg Extension


-full-bearing pivot (not bushing as with

    other brands) for smoother curling

-for the thighs and hamstrings

-angled seat for maximum result 

T-Bar Row

-for the upper back muscle

-encourages better movement to 

    handle maximum load with ease

-its design eliminates lower back strain

Seated Calf

-develops the calf muscles

-seated position eliminates

    pressure on back

-angled foot plate and adjustable

    knee pads

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Seated Row 

-for the mid-back & lower lats 
-all-adjustble seat and chest pads 
 for a full range-of-motion

            weight plates not included

Lat Pulldown (plate-loading)

-includes low pulley

-develops the back and biceps

-abdominals, with its upright

    and low rows

-adjustable knee hold-downs

Cable Crossover (plate-loading)

-unlimited use for total body workout

-designed to train your legs, arms, chest and back

-high and low swivel pulleys for range-of-motion 

    in all directions

            weight plates not included

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