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Yes, you are with the right company... 

PRO-GYM Equipment, manufactured and distributed by SEPTEM INC., has been the leader in the fabrication of quality fitness equipment in the Philippines since it was established in 1979. The company is among the first to introduce and popularize Weight Training in the Philippines more than 4 decades ago and recognized as one of the pioneers in the fabrication of Fitness Equipment in the entire Asia. PRO-GYM Equipment can be found in countless establishments nationwide, in commercial fitness centers, company gyms, condominiums, schools, hotels, government/ military facilities, country clubs, spas, resorts, hospitals and other professional training facilities. The heart of the organization is the knowledgeable and experienced research team, with authority in the field of Human Kinetics and with formal studies in Weight Training, that continuously develops and updates all its products. Some designs are patented to protect the market from unauthorized imitation that may be unsafe and unreliable it not properly manufactured. It is current with the new trends in the combination of product design and training techniques. 

The company offers around 100 products from Sectorized Machines, Weight Training Benches, Plate-Loading Machines, Fixed Weights, Storage Racks, Leverage Machines, Cam Series Machines, Imported Cardio Machines (Treadmills, Stationary Bikes, Elliptical Trainer, etc.) to Bars and Machine Accessories. PRO-GYM Equipment is World-Class in quality and the best value gym equipment on the market. It is committed to give its clients exceptional quality, durability and performance at an affordable price. Every piece of equipment's structural frame is covered with a Lifetime Warranty. This has made PRO-GYM the No. 1 in Fitness Equipment in the Philippines for 4 decades now. To match your budget, PRO-GYM offers 2 models:

Club Edition and Tough 1. In addition, it now offers EQUIPMENT PACKAGES. 

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