PRO-GYM  Equipment  is  the  leader  in the  fabrication  of Gym and  Fitness Equipment  in the Philippines  since 1979. We offer Commercial Model
from SELECTORIZED MACHINES (Chest Press, Lat Pulldown, Shoulder Press, Leg Curl/Extension, Leg Press, Cable Crossover, Functional Trainer,
Standing Calf. etc.),  WEIGHT BENCHES  (Olympic Benches,  Flat, Incline,  Decline,  Upright,  Multi-Purpose,  Abdominal, Leg Raise, Arm Curl, etc.)
PLATE-LOADING MACHINES  (Squat Rack, Power Rack/Cage, Calf, Leg Press, etc.),  FIXED DUMBBELS & BARBELL with STORAGE RACK,

LEVERAGE MACHINES  (Flat,  Incline,  Decline & Shoulder),  CAM  SERIES MACHINES,  CARDIO MACHINES  (Treadmills,  Stationary Bikes,

Elliptical Trainer, etc.) to Bars, Weight Plates and Machine Accessories.

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